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Denize Sıfır Hayatlar

5 + 1 A BLOCK

AREA: 363m 2

Pruva 34 Addresses
Every Taste

Built in 62.500 m2 area contains 7 residence, 2 hotel and 1 apart hotel total of 10 block! With Pruva 34, it is possible to find a house suitable for everyone's dream. 16-17 floor in 7 blocks contains 239 apartment, all of which are spectacular. Choose as you like scaled either 301 m2 4+1 room or 363 m2’lik 5+1 room apartments. Or choose one of 168 apartments that consist of 1+1 room and 2+1 room apartments as home office.

Apartments for Different
Families and Tastes

Feel the wide blue sky with the terraced apartments on the upper floors, feel the green of trees with garden terraces on the lower floor and inhale the clean air. Your house’s silence is guaranteed at Pruva 34. 10 m2 storage room will make your most beloved things safe as parking garage will keep your care safe.

Catch Latest Trend
and Technology

Pruva 34 worked with 17 consultant to implement latest technology and trends and aim to make life easier.

Pruva 34 design fed by simplicity will be a bath to your eyes, also knows you more than anything with smart house solutions.



Living Room


Parent Room

Dressing Room

Young Room